"I learn something new every day!"





3 things about me:



1. I'm a nature lover and an adventurer! You'll find me outside taking pictures and enjoying both the little creatures and big sights.


2. I am a student, learning new things every day -- even though I earned 2 Bachelor's degrees in May 2021!


3. I am a business woman. I am just starting out as an independent consultant, but it's been an amazing journey so far!


There is a whole lot more about me though, click here to find out more.

What's new with me?

Life's a rollar coaster


So hang on tight and enjoy the ride! Here are some tips I learned during my epic summer vaction.

My YouTube channels


I have two channels, check them out!

Jessenia Falwell

Let's Ask Jessenia



I enjoy creating art with my dad, playing music with my brothers, and making crafts for my friends! Here are some of our collaborations.