"I learn something new every day!"





I'm a Pink Zebra Independent Consultant!

I joined in February 2022! Visit my official site here

I joined to better myself and build up my skills

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I love the products!! Here's what I have on hand (images coming in late April 2022)

Some tips I learned about business building:


1. You need to be passionate about your product/service.

2. You need to carve out time for developing and improving your business regularly!

3. It's perfectly ok to think like a 5 year old.


Confused? Don't worry, I'll explain in a video in May 2022, so come back then!

Some other products I love


I highly recommend Amway for hair care, Color Street for georgeous yet quick nails, and Farmasi for make-up needs!


(i'll put pix in by April 2nd!)