Spring Break Goals!

It’s spring break!! Yay!! But it’s not “spring” yet…oh well. I enjoy the week off of classes at least.

And that’s pretty much the only thing I like about spring break. It always work on assignments, go to doctor appointments, and then work on more assignments for me. Tedious. Predictable.

Not much fun about my typical spring break.

That’s why this year I have Spring Break Goals! Yes I made a list of ALL the things I want to accomplish this spring break: homework, scholarship applications, laundry (has to be done!), and fun things too. Wanna see my list? click here

I want to take some time to take care of things I have neglected for the past few years. With air travel and large gatherings being advised against, this is the perfect time to check those things off my list!

What about you? Comment below with some of your Spring Break Goals.
We’ll reconvene next week to see how many goals we’ve met!

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