List: Spring Break Goals

In no particular order, but ALL due Monday at noon after spring break:

  • doctor appointments x5
  • go to movie theatre
  • find articles for essays x4
  • outside time!
  • outline essays
  • write essays
  • winter laundry
  • dinner with friends
  • reconnect with friends
  • email profs
  • work on scholarship applications x2
  • watch 4 movies I haven’t seen before
  • School laundry
  • go to mall
  • Sleep in!
  • post on facebook
  • study for infectious disease quiz
  • party!
  • finish a craft thing

The actual list has 300 entries. I narrowed it down for you all. 😁

What about you? What do you think is doable on my Spring Break Goals list? Any similarities to your list?
Check out my later post about the post-spring break successes!

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